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News - May 2009

AcmeBarGig releases Aftershock           19th May 2009

AcmeBarGig has released Aftershock, a freeware digital delay effect plug-in for Windows.

The Aftershock digital delay can hold a delay for up to 6 seconds at a sample rate of 44100. It features 3 independent delays, one left, right and center.  Each of these delays have a separate Feedback level, volume level and selectable delay type.  You can select from Tap Delay, Host tempo Delay and standard delay.

Tap Delay

Tap Delay, simply   select Tap from the delay type drop down list. Then  simply tap the bottom button to set the delay speed.

Tempo Delay

Once again, select tempo from the delay type drop down list.  You can then set the delay note tempo. For example,  quarter note at X BPM where X is the tempo set in your host DAW. You select the note duration from the Note Duration drop down list.

Standard Delay

Select Standard from the delay type drop down list. You can now set the time of the delay by turning the Standard Delay Time knob. This is capable of delaying by up to 6 seconds. If you at first don't hear anything, you probably have this setting too high.

Setting the Stereo Mix

Each of the three delays has a level slider located on the right side of the effect. These are simple volume controls. Want more Left, turn up the Left, less Center, turn down the Center. You also have  Dry and Wet volumes. The dry is the volume level of  un effected signal, wet is the level of the effected signal

Note when you first start aftershock it is set for a 6 second delay. So it may seem like its not working, but wait for the 6 seconds and you hear the echo.


Visit: AcmeBarGig (no longer exist)



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