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News - March 2008

NuGen Audio has updated Line-up, Stereoizer and Stereoplacer  06th March 2008

NuGen Audio has updated Line-up, Stereoizer and Stereoplacer (also available collectively as the Stereo Pack bundle) and the freeware utility Line-up. This free update includes performance optimizations under Mac OS X (AU and VST) and for Windows Vista 64 bit and is recommended for all users.

Line-up is a delay unit, specifically designed to allow rapid and simple sample-accurate delays to be set-up with minimum CPU overhead and screen imprint.

Delay time automatically steps through powers of two to allow rapid dial-in of frequently required numbers. Double-click allows direct numerical entry and holding down shift whilst click-dragging steps through in single samples.


Although primarily intended as a line up tool for misaligned tracks (no host PDC, phase re-alignment, long mic/speaker recording delay, etc.), Line-up can also be used as a send effect to create very precise chorus, phase and doubling effects.

Visualizer MusicTech Edition is a specially compiled free edition of Nugen Audio's Visualizer available on the MusicTech Magazine cover-mount DVD or via this link. There is also a two-page tutorial on taking spectral imprints within the MusicTech magazine itself (Issue 55).


Stereoizer adds 'stereo spread' to a mono signal by splitting the frequencies into bands and then shifting them differently in the R and L channels. Great for adding depth to percussion loops and livening up synth pads, etc.


Visit: www.nugenaudio.com



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