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News - March 2008

Mufin MusicFinder PC                                                       01st March 2008

Mufin MusicFinder analyzes the sound properties of a music track on your PC. This allows you to rediscover your music collection in a completely new way. With just one click you can quickly create playlists that can be immediately played, saved or transferred to your MP3 player. Mufin supports plenty of mobile end devices: from your mobile phone to MP3 players.

Mufin for artists and labels

The Mufin database is based on official data of major and independent labels where new releases are added regularly. The Mufin catalog comprises of more than 2.7 million tracks..

Each track includes a so-called fingerprint of the original audio material representing the musical characteristics of the song but cannot reproduce music itself. This allows unique identification of each song and its similarities with other tracks.

What makes this system so unique and what use is it to artists?

The content-based approach of Mufin is 100% objective, i.e. if a song is similar to a chart hit it will be at the top of the recommendation list without ever having been evaluated or listened to beforehand. The dreaded "cold start" phenomenon doesn't apply here. Marketing costs or rotation and playlists are therefore no longer an issue. Music is no longer split into mainstream or independent but into "like it" or "don't like it" instead.

Music immediately finds it's way to the consumer, allowing him to easily find new or previously unknown music outside of conventional channels. Every musician and artist whose music is not yet listed here will soon be able to add tracks by himself including the following information:

  • Link to the artist's website
  • Pre-listening options
  • Links to artist's shops

A login option for uploading these details will soon be available for all creative artists. If you have any queries or comments please write to: labels@mufin.com


Visit: www.mufin.com



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