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News - August 2013

Audio Animals releases The Sounds Of The Kitchen             31st August 2013

Audio Animals has announced The Sounds Of The Kitchen, a free sample pack featuring sound recordings of kitchen utensils.

Today started as usual, working through the emails and arranging the mix and masters for the day. First task was a mix and master for a great drum and bass liquid track. Can’t say too much about this one yet, but you will be hearing it and we will be sharing a link to it on our page when it drops, beautiful liquid vibe on this one. Having had the Audio Animals signature SSL mixdown this track is going to be a massive hit. With the mix and master out of the way it was onto the masters, first being a dubstep ‘Skrillex’ eat your heart out followed by a dark dnb roller. We also began the first two tracks from a live album we are mastering.

With all of the studio work out of the way, we decided to start work on a new sample pack, to give away exclusively to the followers on our facebook page (Audio Animals Label). Earlier in the day we watched a short vine of a guy chipping a golf ball into a cup. It had some nice sounds as the ball hit the saucepan and cup. This reminded us of a sample pack we intended to make a while back, ‘The Sounds Of The Kitchen’. It is amazing the sounds you can create with general house hold objects.


To summarise it, it is a collection of sounds we have made using ordinary kitchen utensils, which are aimed for percussive use or any creative way you see fit! It is available to download now from the banner below!


Visit: audioanimals.co.uk




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