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News - October 2013

SynthFont updated to v1.700                              18th October 2013

SynthFont was recently updated to version 1.700.

Bug fixes:

  • GigaSampler files ("*.GIG") having several dimensions were not always correctly interpreted. SynthFont now also displays the dimensions used for each instrument split in the Splits table (see side note).
  • The CPU monitor routine did not work reliably on Windows 98.
  • Drawing Pitch Wheel controllers in Pianoroll did result in incorrect data.
  • Fixed some other Pitch Wheel related problems.
  • If no default SoundFont is found, and no arrangement exists, then the "GM.DLS" file found in the Windows distribution will be used.
  • User banks were not used with arrangements since version 1.634 - restored.
  • Live Input mode has been improved; you can better change the arrangement (some annoying bugs also removed).
  • Saving a MIDI file using a new name could lead to problems, now fixed.
  • Some "New MIDI track" bugs fixed.
  • Add the default Grand Piano to tracks with no MIDI program defined.
  • Fixed a problem related to editing a SoundFont (link to instrument was lost).
  • Fixed a bug related to dropping a VST effect from a bus.
  • Since version 1.552, some MIDI CC events were not sent to VST instruments or to MIDI out ports while playing.
  • Fixed some bugs related to the new low pass filter introduced in version 1.640. For example: the default modulator velocity-to-threshold now works again (i.e. the threshold level decreases with decreasing velocity).
  • In 1.640 the Modulation envelope level might become negative at key up resulting in odd effects, e.g. sudden pitch change.
  • Playback to a MIDI out port could have a latency of up to a few hundred milliseconds, depending on the hardware - improved.
  • Fixed a problem related to restoring saved settings for VST effects.

SynthFont is a free/donationware tool for playing/rendering MIDI files using SoundFonts and other similar sound sources (WAV, DLS, GIGA and also VST Instruments).


Visit: synthfont.com




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