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News - October 2013

Padded Cell: Aftermath and Dust: Subtractor sound packs   31st October 2013

Multiples Pro has announced the release of Padded Cell: Aftermath and Dust: Subtractor, two new free sound packs.

Padded Cell : Aftermath

This time we used the mighty Absynth from Native Instruments to create 50 separate sound-scapes using samples crafted in earlier sample libraries released here on Multiples Pro.

Tech Specs

200 Rhythmical Loops recorded at 120bpm. 100 Old School sounds made using the E|Loops X3 sample library. 50 brand new loops created with Absynth using Dust : Imposcar, Dust : Minimoog, Dust : MPBASIC, Padded Cell : Granulab and ABass XL. All 50 sounds were then "Celled" in the usual way.


Dust : Subtractor

This is one of mrthebigman's favourite synthesisers and continues to dominate many of his tracks to this day due to it's sound and bite which is often missing from today's software instruments.

He has created 10 sounds for you to use in your productions which ooze these characters as well as provide a nice back-bone to the bass and lead ends of your tunes.


Visit: multiplespro.co.uk




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