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News - December 2013

HeadlessBuddha Samples releases Tape DD-10                 09th December 2013

We’re very happy to announce our first drum machine release and to tell you we’re giving it away for free!

"What a cool old dirty drum machine!’– Me about the Yamaha DD-10 when I first saw it some years ago.

This is really a charming lo-fi low cost 8-bit drum machine released in 1988 aimed at the home market and I really love it. I’m writing in first person because I wanted to get really personal about this one. This is one of my all time favorites and it’s the sample pack I use the most when it comes to drum machines

For those who know me, it was pretty obvious that I’d pass it through a tape recorder and store the sounds on my HDD. They didn’t thought I’d experiment with each and every sound of this awesome piece of gear and a whole bunch of cassette and reel-to-reel tape recorders. That’s what I did and this is what I’ve got.

You guys know that you can pass the same sound through the same tape machine a hundred times and the sound you’ll achieve each time is a little different from the other ones, right? We wanted to make sure you can achieve this too, so we made three round robins for each drum piece."


The sample pack is a free download from the HeadlessBuddha Samples Facebook (no like required).


Visit: headlessbuddhasamples.tk/tape-dd-10




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