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News - November 2011

Yamaha PSR-73 Drum Kit - Free samples                          22nd November 2011

The next awesome toy we have here from Yamaha doesn’t have the toy-synth percussion sounds (in case you’re not going for the cheesy low-fi sound from the 80’s-90’s).  

This bank contains all the percussion sounds from the psr-73, this is actually 2 kits in one, with two tome sets that I really liked, in addition to that, this bank actually contains FOUR snare sounds. I take my hat off to the Yamaha sound designers, these are the people behind the scenes that no one really ever talks about, but to whom we are all indebted for the thousands of timbres, patches, presets, and samples. To the gentlemen that made all of this possible, thank you!

Also I would like to thank our artist Ray Flager, it was he that graciously took out this rarity out of his closet and carefully sampled not only the drums but also the few very interesting timbres that will be published later on.  “Ah, the Yamaha PSR-73… In the late 90’s, I wrote an entire album on thing.  It came out be quite romantic.” said Flager, as he smirked at instrument.

  Yamaha PSR-73 Drum Kit Demo by Hardballs

As always, everything is recorded without any kind of processing or effects,  the samples are fastidiously (cut?)  manually and organized into banks for the Logic EXS-24 sampler and Neative Instruments Kontakt.


Visit: hardballsrecords.com




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