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News - November 2011

Free samples and loops from Voltage-Controlled              17th November 2011

The Voltage-Controlled Sample Collection Vol. 1 is a free collection of samples by Dan Worrall.

"If you didn't know, Voltage-Controlled offers a selection of royalty free samples and loops. Every now and then I'll upload a new sample pack to the site, the samples are completely free to download and you can use them in your own productions or music without having to worry about copyright or anything like that.

A few weeks ago my external hard drive decided that it was going to die on me, this resulted in me losing backups of older sample packs and music. So to make sure that this wouldn't happen again I've gone through the site and re-downloaded the samples.

While I was re-building my backup folder I thought it would be a cool idea to upload the whole thing to the site and give you lot the option to download all of the Voltage Controlled samples at once. So that's exactly what I did, I compressed the samples down into a .RAR file and uploaded them."

There's more than 1GB of samples in this collection including, drum loops, one shots, synth hits, synth waveforms, found sound and much more.

As always the samples in this folder are completely free to download and they're also royalty free.


Visit: voltage-controlled.com




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