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News - October 2011

ViNOM, ViCON and ViCON [Modified] - Free VST synths       03rd October 2011

The core of the ViNOM synthesizer is based on the oscillator design of the KORG EA-1 analogue modelling synthesizer.

Alterex added a modulation generator (MG) and a envelope generator (EG).The modulation generator is a low frequency oscillator with triangle, square, ramp up and down, sample & hold modulation shapes. The modulation sources can be routed to both oscillators, aswell as individually.


The ViCON synthesizer is a small unit inspired by Technosaurus Microcon. The ViCON is not intended as a software clone of the original synthesizer produced by Technosaurus.

The synthesizer is ideal for basslines. The filter and the oscillator pitch can be modulated by the low frequency oscillator and envelope generator. The ViCON offers 1 oscillator, a sub oscillator (square) and a 12/24 dB lowpass filter and settings for glide and velocity sensitivity.


Next to this basic ViCON unit Alterex designed a modified version that brings aditional features such as pulse-width modulation, frequency modulation, overdrive and distortion.

Next to that the modified ViCON offer cross-modulation. The audio signal of the square waveform from the main oscillator modulates the phase of the saw oscillator and visa versa (cross). The cross-modulation can be set manually but can also be controlled by the low frequency oscillator (xlfo).


ViNOM, ViCON and ViCON [Modified] here or here! 2.28 mb


Visit: alterex.nl




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