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News - November 2011

Score Date updated to v2.0                                29th November 2011

It is an free (open source) software written in Java that helps musicians to learn music reading.

“Yes, I decided to jump to version 2.0 because the introduction of exercises has been a massive change to Score Date.

With this new feature users will be able to create and save any kind of exercise in a very easy way, just with three simple steps.”

Following the complete list of changes:

  • NEW: added exercises panel. This feature includes:
    • Tree listing of previously saved XML exercises
    • preview of the exercise score properly scaled to fit the panel
    • playback of the exercise to listen to it before playing it
    • buttons to start exercising. Score reading can be also interpreted as notes in line
    • 20 exercises ready to be played. Includes major and minor scales, some small compositions and rhythm fun
    • Exercise editor:
      • create any kind of exercise: line, rhythm, score
      • set clef, accidentals, time signature, speed, random feature
      • add notes and pauses to the score and edit the pitch by just pointing and clicking with the mouse
      • previous notes selection
      • last note removal
      • playback preview of the notes sequence
      • save on XML file
  • Statistics: fixed statistics daily view and empty panel
  • fixed resize of home panel when closing another panel

Since the exercise feature raised a bunch of new possible functionalities, I’ve updated the Score Date roadmap too.


Visit: mindmatter.it




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