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News - November 2011

Wolfgang Palm Plex updated to v2.0.4 Beta (incl. 64-Bit)  21st November 2011

Wolfgang Palm's free Plex - Restructuring Synthesizer has been updated to version 2.0.4 and is now also available as a native x64 (64-bit) version for Windows.

Highlights in 2.0.4 Beta:

  • It comes with an additional DLL now - Plex64.dll is a 64-bit version of PLEX2. Works in 64-bit hosts only. Since this made it necessary to lift the complete plug-in from VST SDK 2.2 to VST SDK 2.4, quite a lot of changes had to be made. There may still be hidden problems, so it is labelled as a Beta version. If you run into problems that weren't there in the original, please report them.
  • Mouse wheel support, which didn't work in contemporary hosts (REAPER et al.), should be OK now.
  • The English and German manuals have been updated with the new PLEX2 features, provided by the originals' author.


Plex is a free "Restructuring Synthesizer". The original sound is split into four components, lower spectrum, higher spectrum, filter characteristics and amplitude envelope, using a new audio analysis technique. Each component can be replaced and combined with other elements. The result is a thrillingly "natural" sound.


Visit: Wolfgang Palm 




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