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News - December 2011

MyDrumset - Free VST acoustic drum module                    01st December 2011

MyDrumset was made as a test to see if I could make such a complex drum plugin.

The recording of the drums was done very quickly with only me on everything from drumming to engineering. As you can imagine that is not a perfect way to record a drum kit and if you add the fact that the drums weren’t tuned, one of the cymbals had a crack in it, the heads were old and I did everything in about 2 hours, it’s nothing even close to the sound of the Drummix line of plugins. Still, I released it as a public beta just for fun and the response has been marvellous. Not only did this plugin beat two of the well-known brands in an anonymous poll, but it also got raving user reviews and was even reviewed in Sound on Sound.

The beta version had 3 presets: Rock, Rock Olympic and 70′s. The drums on all presets are a Ludwig Fab Four but on the olympic version I used an old Olympic snare drum. The 70′s preset was the same drum kit with a blanket over the toms and snare. The sound of these recordings has been used by thousands of musicians / engineers and has for many a sought after “indie” sound.

I have decided to release the old beta version without all limitations it had and a new set of features that consisted only in the commecial plugins:

  • The interface is completely new and very similar to the other commercial Drummix plugins
  •  I’ve added mute, solo, phase and panning
  •  I have put all three preset’s into one plugin (previously 2)
  •  I have included a stereo version of the plugin for a quicker setup. No need to mess with outputs.
  •  The drums now start on C1
  •  The drums are now closer to GM map
  •  The hihat switching is now included
  •  Low CPU and RAM usage


Kick – 22″ x 16″

Snare – 14″ x 4,5″ wood

Tom 1 – 13 x 9

Tom 2 – 16 x 16

Hihat – 14″ Ufip Natural

Crash 1 – 18″ Zildjian K Ride/Crash

Crash 2 – 18″ Zildjian Vintage Avedis

Ride – 20″ Zildijan HH Heavy Ride

Drummix MyDrumset is free for everybody! The download will say trial or demo, but it is a fully working product


Visit: bluenoiseplugins.com




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