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News - December 2011

MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v4.02                29th December 2011

MeldaProduction has updated MDrummer to version 4.02.


  • Added MDynamicEq effect.
  • MDrummer is now Mac64 compatible.
  • Added a “listen to frequency” feature to all parametric equalizers.
  • Improved GUI behaviour, especially on Apple.
  • MAnalyzer now shows frequency, level and note next to the cursor.
  • Analyzers in equalizers can now process input signal instead of the output.
  • Auto-listen to frequency by clicking in the editor field is now enabled only when holding shift or when main auto-listen is enabled.
  • Double-clicking in a parametric equalizer view creates a new band (by moving and enabling any of the disabled bands).
  • Displaying band parameters from band list instead of clicking it using right mouse button shows the window non-modally – it won’t be closed when you click elsewhere.
  • Parametric equalizers now allow to copy & paste all band parameters to the clipboard.
  • Added sample & hold distortion for MDistortion.
  • Analyzers & sonograms now work only if the plug-in window is open to save CPU.
  • Added keyboard shortcut “B” for tap tempo.
  • All textual edits of time are now in milliseconds to avoid numbers like 0.001.
  • Fix: Smoothness didn’t work correctly upon start-up in many plug-ins containing an analyser.
  • Fix: MFreeformAnalogEq didn’t correctly show equalization curve when range has changed.
  • Fix: Load multiple loops were failing for some directories.
  • Fix: Delay control in MSample and MMultiSampler didn’t work correctly with different sampling rates.

MDrummer Small

MDrummer is probably the most complete drumming studio in the world handling everything from acoustic drums, to percussion and electronic drums to noise and scratches. And now it is available for free!

MDrummer Small is a light version that contains several drumsets and rhythms. Enough of them to accommodate home musicians. Our incredible MIDI-based drum-track control system gives you so much power that you will never want to use any other drum-machines, loops etc.


Visit: meldaproduction.com/mdrummer 




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