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News - November 2011

Cloudkillers – Helping artists, labels and the music industry, through human to human promotions               30th November 2011

Via kvraudio.com

Cloudkillers, a new website “helping artists, labels and the music industry, through human to human promotions”, has launched with a new design, new branding and tighter API integration into Soundcloud, which enables many new features to be available to users, including:

Cloudkillers.com has grown massively since being conceived in June 2011. Originally starting out as a pet project between a few musicians, it quickly became hugely popular with SoundCloud users. Its core idea is a web platform, giving artists and labels a tool to promote their SoundCloud tracks.

The idea is simple: you register for your FREE account, and the site connects with your SoundCloud account, the Cloudkillers.com site lists all your tracks available for promotion and you choose what will be distributed to their users based on your commenting through a unique interface aimed at limiting spam.

A passionate community to help with music promotions.

    This site helps with SoundCloud Promotions
  • Register to get access to large user base of commenters and more.
  • Think of this site as a promotional Flash mob for music!
  • Share your commenting to get commenting!
  • Future tools being developed to help your music promotion
  • Human to Human SoundCloud Promotion


Visit: Cloudkillers 




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