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News - November 2011

++Audio – Free VST effects                                     09th November 2011

++Audio is an audio software company founded in 2010. Our goal is to push the boundaries of what is possible in music production and sound design, thereby pushing the boundaries of music itself. We currently offer free effect plug-ins for Mac and Windows DAW software, and we are hard at work on some truly revolutionary instruments that blend computer music techniques with modern application design paradigms.

Smear is a granulation effect. It offers the basic parameters of sample-based granular synthesis, only the “sample” is a (maximum) one second buffer of incoming audio. Four grains are created from the input, the sizes of which are random values between the minimum and maximum grain size controls. Individual level and panning controls are provided for each grain.

Smear also has a feedback control which is the level of the granulated signal that is fed back into the buffer to be further granulated. Thus, as a mult-tap granular delay Smear produces interesting results on a variety of inputs.


Rubbadub is a delay effect plug-in designed with versatility in mind. As a dub delay, it can be tempo synced an offers a state variable filter in the feedback line. At the lowest extremes of delay line lengths, Rubbadub becomes a through-zero flanger with a variety of modulation options.

Time is split up into three modes (H, M, L) to provide detailed control over delay time, and even finer control is possible with the command key. When modulation is pushed to the limit your sound transforms into a rubbery gelatinous substance that defies description.


CrazyVerb - Split-spectrum reverb with independent time controls for low and high bands.


Visit: ccrma.stanford.edu




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