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News - November 2011

Alchemy Mobile updated to v1.1.8 – 25 Free sounds included                            24th November 2011

Alchemy Mobile is the iOS version of Alchemy Synth a powerful software synthesizer.

Alchemy Mobile is your one stop shop synthesizer, the presets includes a wide range of useful sounds, from fat basses and lush pads to evolving soundscapes and pulsing arpeggios. With the Alchemy Mobile, you can be assured that you have a virtually limitless arsenal of synthesizer tones wherever and whenever you bring your iPhone or iPad with you.

If you need more presets or want to create your own sound palettes, do so by morphing between sound variations with the Alchemy Mobile’s 16 special controls. You can tweak the cutoff, ADSR, resonance and various effects parameters to get the sound that you have been imagining in your head.

NEW FEATURES in FREE: (Pro Upgrade 25% Off with Many Extra Features

• Velocity Sensitive - press lower down the key for louder sounds
• Individual Note Filter Sweeps by sliding your finger up and down the keys
• Improved Copy/Paste - integrated Sonoma Wireworks AudioCopy/AudioPaste
• Dubstep, Dance & Trance and Guitar Mutations available as in App purchases
• Smaller downloads and faster installs of Sound Libraries

Download Your Free Alchemy Player Now


Visit: camelaudio.com/AlchemyMobile 




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