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News - October 2010

vvvv group releases vvvv 45 beta 24.1               07th October 2010

vvvv group has released vvvv 45 beta 24.1. Beta 24 was a recent feature packed release; Beta 24.1 is a bug fix release for it.

Change Log for vvvv45beta24.1


  • Better error message when .net3.5 SP1 missing.
  • No more error from nodebrowser when selecting local file via mouseclick.
  • Codeeditor had troubles being hidden via ALT+3 twice in sequence.
  • Fixed gettransformpointergetcolorpointer-bug.
  • A vvvv_45betaXY directory can now again be moved on disk without stopping to work in the new place.
  • Codeditor now works with effects as well.

Fixed nodes:

  • Timeliner loads data correctly again.
  • Text (EX9) alignment and brush fixed.
  • IOBox (Value Advanced) now merges subtypes when different nodes are connected downstream. The connection order will no longer be important. e.g. I (Spread) and Damper (Animation) connected to the Output of an IOBox will always result in a Integer IOBox.

New modules:

  • Line (EX9).

Changed modules:

  • Removed beattracker from AudioAnalysis (DShow9) due to licensing issues.

Change Log for vvvv45beta24


  • Now requires .net3.5 SP1 to be installed, SlimDX no longer needed.
  • New CodeEditor for effects and dynamic nodes (via rightclick on those nodes).
  • Dynamic nodes allow for plugins being edited/recompiled at runtime.
  • New PluginInterfaces V2 reducing lines of code per plugin typically by 40% + allow custom pin types + some more conveniences see vvvv.org/pluginspecs.
  • New Kommunikator for previewing, saving, uploading screenshots (via Ctrl+3).
  • New WindowSwitcher (via Ctrl+TAB).
  • New NodeBrowser (via doubleclick on patch or Ctrl+N).
  • Shortcuts like ALT+1,2,3 and CTRL+1,2,3,W … now also work on all plugin windows like the Timeliner and the new CodeEditor.
  • Loading vertical-horizontal-vertical links fixed.
  • Start a link from a pin and end it with middleclick to create a suitable IOBox.
  • Red nodes now denote missing addons.
  • Node icons show weather a node has an associated code, patch or GUI window.
  • CTRL+I won’t open an endless number of Inspektors anymore, instead it will always bring you up the same. if you still need more use SHIFT+CTRL+I.
  • Subfolders in \plugins, \effects can be arbitrarily organized. the directory structure is now ignored.
  • No new ids are generated when simply loading a patch.

New nodes:

  • Switch (Node Output).
  • Line (EX9).

Fixed nodes:

  • Intersect (3d Mesh Subset Ray) works with GetSlice (Node) now.
  • FileStream2 (DShow9) now returns correct position after a seek.
  • Queue (EX9.Texture) bug fixed.
  • Input Switches bug fixed.
  • GlyphInfo (String) now updates Position correctly if input changed.
  • Sift (Value) used first slice of epsilon spread only. Bug fixed.
  • Intersect (Spreads Sets) returned wrong results. Bug fixed.

Changed nodes:

  • IOBox (Value Advanced) and value input pins now take a comma as argument separator for expressions (was semi-colon). also if no expression is detected all non-numeric characters are now stripped before trying to convert the input to a number.
  • Keyboard (System Window) now has an Enabled input and a KeyCode output.
  • Tokenizer (String) has a new pin called Queue that outputs the currently queued string.
  • IOBox (Value Advanced) has a new configuration pin called Digits that defines how many digits are displayed after the dot. Be aware that this setting does not alter the values, it only influences how they are shown. It also does not (yet) influence the stepping size when changing values using the mouse.
  • IsWellformed (XML) has two new Pins: “Validate on Parse” and “Resolve Externals”.
  • Cons (Spreads) has a Bin Size output pin now.
  • TogEdge (Animation), Change (Animation), Change (String) don’t bang on create by default any longer.

vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously.

vvvv is free for non-commercial use. Commercial use requires a license.


Visit: vvvv group



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