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News - November 2010

Listen to your Music from anywhere                   29th November 2010

Vye Music lets you stream millions of songs and music videos from anywhere in the world entirely free.

"Vye Music was founded in 2010 by 17-year-old Gold Coast teenager Charles Allatt. He envisioned a free streaming music service without limits, and by utilizing the massive music catalogue of music, and the comprehensive data of Last.fm, Vye Music was born. The site is the first step towards fulfilling Charlie's much larger vision of changing the way content is consumed and discovered online.

The original (and unreleased) version of Vye Music (see right) focussed more wholly on video, but this design was scrapped in favor of the current version, which is more conducive to a seamless music experience.

The new version of the site was built in less than 3 months with only parts of the code derived from the original version. A second, improved interface was designed in the following months following the success of the original. The new black style version had a more visual appeal and made the content significantly more accessible.

The future for Vye Music involves a much greater emphasis on mobile devices, including dedicated native applications for iPhones and Android phones. This will allows users to take their music with them anywhere."


  • Web based music player that lets you listen to your itunes library anywhere.
  • Can host your iTunes library.
  • Has a radio mode to play selected artists.
  • Includes tracks from a variety of artists.


Visit: vyemusic.com



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