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News - November 2010

Sound Trends releases Looptastic FREE v3.7 for iOS         30th November 2010

Looptastic has announced that it has replaced the Looptastic Gold app for iOS with a new one: Looptastic FREE.

Looptastic FREE lets you:

  • Remix and perform with 10 Loop Set tracks (100 loops total*) spanning top electronic styles including Trance, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Ambient, Breakbeat, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Minimal, Progressive House and Reggaeton.
  • You get drum beats, basses, synths and other crucial remix elements.
  • Mix and match sets to fuel new ideas.
  • Share your mix with the world via a SoundCloud account.
  • Tap Tempo on a button along with a beat to sync with a playing track or other performers or external music.
  • Add effects – trigger and repeat sounds via the X-axis and warp pitch via the Y-axis.
  • Mix and jam on iPhone 4.

Looptastic FREE features:

  • Automatic beat synchronization makes loops of different tempos play in sync. The pitch stays the same–only the BPM changes.
  • Manipulate the sound with any of 5 effects including Filter, Delay, Bit Crusher, Flanger and Stutter.
  • Perform and layer effects using the XY Touchpad Controller.
  • Record your own DJ style mix/remixer performance (including effects) as a new mix.
  • Multitouch volume control with three mix zones and DJ style crossfader.
  • Play up to 20 loops at the same time.
  • One Shot mode plays samples without time-stretching — ideal for triggering samples on top of your tracks.
  • Load up to four minutes of CD-quality loops per set.
  • Manually trigger loops using a waveform display and use the innovative Scratch Strip for DJ effects.


Visit: iTunes App Store



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