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News - November 2009

Hermann Seib updates VSTHost to v1.47 and SAVIHost to v1.34                      27th November 2009

Hermann Seib has updated VSTHost to v1.47 and SAVIHost to v1.34.

Changes in VSTHost:

  • Can load 64-bit PlugIns in an x64 environment through direct JBridge support.

VSTHost is an Open Source VST-compatible host that:

  • Loads VST plugins.
  • Parameterizesing / editing them.
  • Sound output for VSTis.
  • MIDI-input and -output.
  • Loading / saving .fxb files
  • Supports ASIO2.


Changes in SAVIHost:

  • Can be minimized to system tray.

SAVIHost is a derivative version of VSTHost that can be used to make any VSTi run like a standalone application.

This offers two major advantages:

  1. VSTi can be used (tested, checked or tried) easily and directly without the need or search for another host.

  2. VSTi can be distributed to be tested in a temporary directory without the need of the presence of another host or to search for a dedicated VSTPlugIns-subdirectory. The VSTi-dll can still be used within other hosts like Cubase, Sonar etc. when copied to that host's VSTPlugins-subdirectory.

For use just rename SAVIHost.exe to the corresponding VSTi.dll e.g. if there is abc123.dll rename SAVIHost.exe to abc123.exe and this will run the VSTi.


Changes in both programs:

  • Wave player supports auto-stereo mode for mono files.
  • Lots of bug fixes and internal changes.

SAVIHost and VSTHost are free.


Visit: Hermann Seib



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