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News - November 2009

Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Elek7ro v2.0           25th November 2009

Togu Audio Line has announced the release of TAL-Elek7ro_V2.0, a free virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Version 2.00 has a lot of changes that also affects the filter and envelope character. Therefore we decided to make a complete new version of the plugin that runs parallel to previous versions.

Important changes are the new filter types (18dB LP, 24dB LP, 24dB HP, 24 dB BP) that have a smooth warm and almost artefact free sound. We also could reduce the CPU usage.

Changes in TAL-Elek7ro v2.0

  • Completely new filter types, 18dB LP, 24dB LP, 24dB HP, 24 dB BP.
  • Completely new envelope.
  • CPU optimizations.
  • Version 2.0 runs parallel to older versions of TAL-Elek7ro.

TAL-Elek7ro is a virtual analog synth with some special features like oscillator hardsync and frequncy modulation. Including improved alias free oscillators, new developed fast envelopes and lfo's with a wide range from 0.1Hz up to 400 Hz. A free routable envelope with attack and decay is available too. This synth is useful for a wide range of sounds from percusion to deep bass sounds.


Visit: Togu Audio Line



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