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News - October 2009

Sonic Visualiser updated to v1.7.1            29th October 2009

Sonic Visualiser has been updated to v1.7.1.


  • The RDF importer does a better job of assigning labels to layers, layers to panes, and values to labelled regions.
  • Interactive editing in the Text layer benefits from the same improvements as made in 1.7 to Note and Region layers.
  • The layer data editor window has a text search feature.
  • The main window status bar now shows the last label to have passed the playback position in the current layer, at the right end of the status bar.
  • The Russian translation has been updated.

Sonic Visualiser is an free application for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files. The aim of Sonic Visualiser is to be the first program you reach for when want to study a musical recording rather than simply listen to it.

As well as a number of features designed to make exploring audio data as revealing as possible, Sonic Visualiser also has powerful annotation capabilities to help describe what you find, and the ability to run automated annotation and analysis plugins.

"Sonic Visualiser cannot support VST plugins directly because Steinberg's VST license is incompatible with Sonic Visualiser's GPL license. Windows and OS/X users can get limited support using the Audacity VST Enabler, and Linux users can try dssi-vst."


Visit: Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London



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