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News - November 2009

Psycle updated to v1.8.6.1                                    04th November 2009

The Open Source "Tracker" Psycle has been updated to It contains fixes on .psy song loading (several .psys of 1.7 and 1.8 could fail to load properly), plus the vc2005 version had a small display problem with native plugins.

Changes in v1.8.6.1 / v1.8.6:

  • Fixed psy loader (songs made with the previous version were showing an error on loading).
  • Fixed native plugins not showing the description of their parameters in the parameters window.
  • New implementation of the power spectrum in the wire dialog. (Nicer, more precise).
  • Fixes for VST openFileSElector: wrong filter and problems with the return value.
  • Prevent application crash if VST crashes on saving.
  • Fixes on loading native plugins with new (psy-core) name format.
  • Fixes on loading psy files of newer versions of psycle with minor changes.
  • Export to .XM (Only exports the pattern and samples. It is not a "render as .XM" option).
  • More note keys to configure ( 4 full octaves now).
  • Export to .wav using float precision.
  • Allow command mute to generators.
  • XMSampler improvements: correct panning, UI fixes, source code changes. (Around 60% complete now).
  • Fixes on .XM import for pattern loop and global volume.
  • Fix undo when the sequence is full.
  • Fix for sort when the sequence is full.
  • Other smaller fixes and changes (universalis, and things related to native plugins).
  • Lock sample to a machine (Allows to set a sample to play always from the same machine).
  • Export to wave directory configuration.
  • fixes to Mixer machine (Works with VST, can get rewired now).
  • Smaller fixes to VSThost.
  • Fix a selection problem with ASIO driver.

Psycle is a free, Open-Source, music creation program that offers an easy way to create your own music, fast, and with high quality.


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