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News - October 2009

Opulent Audio sets bLO-FIsh, Tenacity and DirtyGirl Free     05th October 2009

Opulent Audio has announced that its three Windows VST instrument plug-ins, bLO-FIsh, Tenacity and DirtyGirl, are now available for free (they were previously sold bundled for $8).

bLO-FIsh is a 3 Oscillator LO-FI synth.

Not an emulation of any particular "chip", bLO-FIsh incorporates classic chip-type (8 bit, video game, etc.) sounds with traditional analog synth elements.

Download bLO-FIsh here! 1.80 mb


DirtyGirl is a VA/FM/Granular Synth with a dirty sound.

2 Oscillators with standard waveforms, 2 VC Filters, arpeggiator, a 'dirt' module, synced granulator, and reverb. Modulation available from contour input and LFO with 20 waveforms.

Download DirtyGirl here! 1.81 mb


Tenacity is a "2 Osc Monster synth".

- Two sample-based oscillators with 35 available waveforms. Each oscillator has its own tempo-synced rhythmic gate, waveshaping, bitrate (4, 8, 16, or 24 bit) and tuning (octave, semitone, and fine). The oscillators hard-sync to each other to form a feedback loop. Output options: dry signal out, filter 1 or 2 (or both), or delay effect
- Two parallel multi-state SV filters, providing simultaneous lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch filters on a mixer with individual volume and pan for each filter state. Output options: dry signal out or delay effect. Ring modulation of the two oscillators with 25 modulation types and mix amount. Output options: dry signal out, filter 1 or 2 (or both), or delay effect
- Stereo delay with normal or cross mode available. Tempo synced with dozens of sync options. Feedback and mix amounts.


Download Tenacity here! 3.60 mb


Visit: Opulent Audio



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