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News - November 2009

Circular Labs updates Mobius to v1.41               02nd November 2009

Circular Labs has updated Mobius to v1.41.

Bugs fixed:

  • With SyncMode=Out, ending a Multiply sometimes starts playing at the beginning of the last cycle rather than starting over from the beginning.
  • Unable to select track 4 out of 6 when running as a plugin with parameter Selected Track published as a plugin parameter.
  • Add type correction functions int(), float(), and string(). float() was necessary for the "scrub" script.
  • On Mac, when moving more than one MIDI slider, knob or pedal at the same time, messages are lost and some controls won't move.

New features:

  • Shuffle supports shorter or longer patterns than the source layer.
  • Bi-directional feedback of MIDI controls.

To create a shuffle pattern shorter than the original loop, use "e" (stands for "end") in the pattern. For example this will divide the loop into 4 granules and create a new loop using only the second of the four source granules: Shuffle 4,2,e.

To create a shuffle pattern longer than the original loop just use a pattern than has more than the number of source granules: Shuffle 4,1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4. The previous example would result in a new loop twice as long as the original loop.

Bi-directional feedback is enabled by going to the Global Parameters dialog and checking either "Midi Feedback" or "Host Midi Feedback" options. Midi Feedback will send control change messages to the configured MIDI output device. Host Midi Feedback can be used only with the VST plugin, it will send messages to the VST MIDI pin which can be routed to the actual MIDI device in the host.

Mobius is a tool for live recording and manipulation of audio loops, with features similar to those of the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro and the Electrix Repeater. This is a live performance looper, not to be confused with static loop triggering and assembly tools like Acid. It is similar to having 8 synchronized stereo EDPs with the ability to copy loops and timing between them. Extensive MIDI and keyboard control is provided.

Mobius is freware.


Visit: Circular Labs



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