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News - October 2009

Free Harmonic Mixing DJ App For Windows, Rapid Evolution  14th October 2009

Mixware Rapid Evolution is a free advanced harmonic music library tool for DJs, designed to be used while you mix.

Rapid Evolution helps profile your songs by saving important properties, such as the BPM, key, time signature, styles, comments, etc. You can then instantly see which songs are within BPM range, in key harmonically and in similar styles. More importantly, it lets you save comments and information about each individual mix you come up with.

Use it to enhance your knowledge of your music and remember the important details of what you do.

The software includes automatic BPM and key detection, as well as tools to determine this information yourself–a BPM tapper and a MIDI keyboard. It is designed for the power user, and offers extensive searching, filtering and browsing capabilities. You can create custom hierarchical styles to help organize your tunes. It also lets you share all song and mix information with other DJs.

If you are a software based DJ, you can take advantage of features like dragging and dropping the songs to play them. Otherwise the program can act as a reference or guide as you mix. If you don’t have a computer near your turntables, it is still useful for planning mix sets and finding compatible songs ahead of time.


Visit: mixshare



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