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News - November 2009

TC Electronic offers free M30 Studio Reverb                    16th November 2009

TC Electronic has announced it is offering a free copy of its M30 Studio Reverb for a limited period of time.

The M30 Studio Reverb is a simple to use, great sounding reverb that is powered by AlgoFlex™ – a new high definition TC technology that enables hardware quality and predictability to be ported to native software.

TC Electronic has been at the forefront of effects development for decades, and our reverb algorithms can be found in the best recording and mixing environments in the world. With its great sound M30 is a unique addition to any VST- or AU compatible application.

M30 is derived from the popular M40 reverb that ships with all TC Electronic audio interfaces. The sound of M30 takes the same Hall reverb algorithm that’s found in the M40 (alongside Room and Plate algorithms).

Pre Delay
Whether you work with vocals or instruments, the M30 Studio Reverb will add a broad and warm reverb to your sound. Use the pre delay to separate the source from the reverb tail.

M30 preserves the natural characteristics of the original source, which gives you an incomparable and authentic large sound. Use the decay parameter to adjust the length of the
reverb diffuse field.

Hi Color
The sound of M30 is perfectly suited to vocals, but it can also be used with a wide variety of instruments and audio material. Hi Color varies the “color” of the reverb. From dark to crisp and bright, the Color parameter can really change the characteristics and style of the reverb.

The Mix parameter obviously sets the wet/dry mix. Use the convenient 100% knob when working with the reverb as parallel effect.

The M30 Reverb is free for download for a limited period of time.

Go to tcelectronic.com/freeTCreverb and get your free M30 reverb.


Visit: TC Electronic



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