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News - November 2009

JukeFly - Streaming Music with Videos, Lyrics, and More Built In                   03rd November 2009

Stream Your Music Collection to Anywhere with JukeFly.

"When we first launched JukeFly, it was primarily geared towards allowing a really easy way to access all your music from anywhere. We did this by having the user install a music server app on the PC, which then synced up the songs to our servers. The song files still reside on the user PC - only the metdata like song-name, artist-name, album-name etc. is saved on our server. This architecture allows the user to login to JukeFly from anywhere and stream his/her music.
We soon realized that this approach has severe limitations. In order to listen to your music, the music server PC has to be left turned on and online all the time. Listening to friends' music or one of the other JukeFly users' music was restricted by the users bandwidth and legal limitations. Also, if you didn't have any music personally, JukeFly was not an app for you.

One of the most popular features of JukeFly 1.0 was the ability to watch music videos. And you could do this even when your personal music server was not available. Extending this concept, we redesigned the entire JukeFly app so that instead of relying on just your personal music collection, you can access all kinds of music available online from popular sites like YouTube. Also, we gather the latest in music in the form of albums and charts from various sources. This makes checking out the latest music a breeze. So now, if your personal music server is not available, you can still listen to all your music. Also, if you don't have any music, you can still listen to online versions of any song and even save them in your playlists. This radical change in the way we access music allows for easy sharing too. You can now send links to any songs/albums etc. to friends/family or Tweet about them."


Visit: JukeFly (no longer exist)



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