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News - October 2008

SoundCloud is live, bringing music sharing to the masses      14th October 2008

There are plenty of ways to share music, but most of them are slow or have clunky interfaces. Sound Cloud aims to be the first player in the market to catch on in a big way, by making things easy for its users.

Soundcloud works like an inbox, so new songs come in from your friends (or from artists and record labels) and you can handle them all in one convenient place. You can also put a dropbox on any site (including MySpace, Facebook, and your blog) where people can click to send you a track.

If you're a musician, SoundCloud looks like a good place to post your new tracks. Each song gets its own URL and its own privacy settings, so you can decide who's allowed to listen to or download it. Create Digital Music says SoundCloud could be the Flickr of music, and after testing it out, I'm inclined to agree.


Visit: Sound Cloud



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