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News - October 2008

Sonicprojects releases OP-X Free and OP-X Player         20th October 2008

The OP-X Free has got the same basic engine and sound as the full OP-X while the available presets are limited to a few chosen ones and the GUI only gives access to a few parameters. The OP-X Free can’t load the patches and banks of the full version and there’s no vst automation or midi cc control.

However there’s an extremely cheap way to get access to the complete OP-X sound library and full automation: upgrade to OP-X Player.

OP-X Player has the same look as OP-X Free, but is able to load any OP-X patch with identical sound as in OP-X. It comes with the full OP-X library (500 patches) and there’s automation and midi cc remote control.

If you also want to get access to all parameters and create your own sounds, then you can upgrade again for a cheap price to the full OP-X, which gives instant access to all 83 parameters on a huge and classy interface. All these parameters can be automated and remote controlled with midi CC.

OP-X Free is available as freeware, while OP-X Player costs $39 USD. Check this page for more details on upgrade paths.


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