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News - October 2008

Mufin: Better Music Recommendations through Algorithms?   09th October 2008

Music discovery is clearly a hot topic these days, with large companies like Apple and Microsoft competing with smaller services like imeem, Pandora, and Last.fm. With the exception of Pandora, these services typically rely on the listening habits and recommendations of other users.

Mufin.com, however, which launched today, uses a fully automated system that only takes the actual sounds of a song into consideration. In our tests, Mufin often returned good results, but the fact that it doesn't take genres or the quality of a song into account can make for a frustrating experience at times.

Mufin's interface is straightforward and stays out of the user's way. Songs are played through a standard flash player and the AJAX-driven interface is fast and well designed, though it would be nice if you could play similar songs without having to click through to another page.


Visit: mufin.com



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