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News - August 2008

Livid Introduces Looper,Open Source Audio Looping Software  08th August 2008

Livid Instruments has released Livid Looper, a freeware audio looping tool for Windows and Mac.

Livid Looper features:

  • Up to six files loaded in each looper for quick recall and playback.
  • Loop is automatically pitch shifted to match the BPM.
  • Automatic segmenting for slicing up a loop.
  • Interactive waveform display for arbitrary loop selections.
  • Assignable to crossfader.
  • Record live audio and instantly loop it.
  • Multiple audio effects, including a VST effect.
  • Granulator for scramble or time-shift effects.
  • Record up to 8 synced sequences of knob turns and effect changes.
  • Record up to 8 synced sequences of segment and file changes.
  • All actions are quantized to the master BPM.
  • Easy MIDI learn function.
  • Tight integration with Livid’s Ohm controller.
  • Free of charge and open source (developed in Cycling 74’s Max/MSP).


Visit: Livid Instruments



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