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News - June 2008

Jogli’s Music Search Streams 500M Songs, 12M Albums     28th June 2008

Jogli is the search engine for music.

It scans other websites such as YouTube for any free existing music and music video clips, and then indexes the music in order to enable an easy and efficient search. As a result, users have access to the largest free inventory of music on the Web, consisting of approximately 12 million albums and half a billion songs. The music is listened to through Jogli’s website, although it is stored and broadcasted from the original sources.

Users can search and listen to any desired music video clips, individual tracks, entire albums and other users’ playlists, without the need to download any software.

Jogli is a music community. Any user can be a VJ, creating and sharing play lists with friends. Users can review, chat and respond to each other’s “MTV channels”.


Visit: Jogli



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