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News - July 2008

Neuenberger releases JellyFilter v.3.0          29th July 2008

Neuenberger has released version 3.0 of JellyFilter which now includes a third oscillator, Legato Mode, Lo-Fi "Distortion", either 12 dB or 24 dB Filter Steepness, Sample and Hold for LFO Modulation, Exponential or Linear Envelopes and Fast/Slow Modulation Envelope.

Changes in detail:

  • Added Oscillator 3 that can be used as sub-bass or additional FM source to Oscillator 1. It also has its own additional Distortion.
  • A standard Chorus to fatten the sound even more. The Chorus can be adjusted by Dry/Wet, Rate, Depth, Delay and Type (Triangle, Saw, Square).
  • For 303-type sounds there is now a new Legato mode: This will not restart the envelopes until the voice is completely released which can be useful for smooth crossovers between different notes.
  • For Lo-fi enthusiasts there is a Bit Reduction (BitRed) functionality that can reduce the information down to 2 bits. Old Digital-sounding Video-Console sounds can be created with this easily.
  • Filters can be set up either to 12 dB or 24 dB steepness (allows the user to produce "warmer" sounds with the 12 dB option).
  • The LFO Modulation has been accompanied with a Sample Hold (S/H) functionality that can be synchronized to the tempo of the music.
  • Envelopes for Amp and Filter now can be switched to exponential as well. This results in even smoother envelopes.
  • The Modulation Envelope ("Mod-Env") can be fast or slow.

JellyFilter is a free polyphonic lead synth.


Visit: JellyFilter



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