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News - June 2008

Qbox: Free Streaming-Music Social Network                                16th June 2008

qbox.com Corporation has launched a beta version of its streaming social network music service, available from Qbox.com. By indexing the entire music inventories of top social media sites, Qbox lets users search, organize, and listen to the whole catalog of free and legally available online music.

Qbox is an desktop/web application, designed for user access to content from multiple social networks. The site's Qplayer is a desktop player that provides instant access to over 21 million songs from MySpace, YouTube, and Bebo. The company claims there are more sites to come. You do not need to have an account with these services in order to access the music. It simply streams the music from the artist's Myspace, YouTube, and similar pages.

To access Qbox you first need to open an account. After that, you just download the plug-in, which links directly to the bands' sites. This ultimately turns Qbox into a hub for music already out there. It works and looks like an Internet browser dedicated solely to searching out music.


Visit: qbox.com



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