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Eternity (freeware)

Eternity (.exe) is a powerful virtual analogue synthesizer featuring 2 VCOs with about 140 waveforms each (Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square plus 135 special wave forms). Each oscillator can work in Single, Dual, Fat and Ultrafat modes.

The core of the synthesizer is the custom randomization that can be assigned or not to any of the knobs. It is easy to set up custom presets for instant production of any type of sound. For example, just create a Bass sound and fix (exclude randomization) the knobs to give the sound shape (VCA Envelope & VCF Envelope) to generate unlimited bass sounds with only a mouse click.

Developer: Loop And Sound


DOWNLOAD  7.76 mb


Logana (freeware)

Logana uses physical modeling to emulate analog hardware. This creates warm non-aliasing waveforms with little CPU use.

Developer: TorQue Audio

DOWNLOAD  3.69 mb


SINdrone (freeware)

x2 Oscillator EDM/TRANCE Synth. Automation ready, 160 presets, tons of variety in sounds, nicely shaped LFO's/OSC's, easy to use. We'll have more demo's up shortly - for now please go ahead and download/use the sindrone (It's in BETA but already home to some signature sounds and works well in any DAW).

Developer: dubturbo.com

DOWNLOAD  2.78 mb


M42 Nebula (freeware)

Combining algorithmic rhythmic elements, giant pad and space sounds which can be manipulated in real time, as well as a unique warp function, the M42 brings the quality of virtual instruments to a new level. The M42 is named after the great nebula located in the constellation of Orion.

Developer: AlgoMusic

DOWNLOAD  35.59 mb


String Theory v1.5 (freeware)

String Theory is a flexible, delay based, physical modeling synth which is capable of a very wide range of plucked strings, atmospheric pads and ambiences, and unique hybrid synth sounds. String Theory also offers dual phrase arpeggiators. Each arp has its own speed, gate, and octave controls; which allows for far more complex patterns than the average arp.

Developer: ugoaudio.com

DOWNLOAD  1.21 mb


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