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Synthesizers (233)


Mini DiZi (freeware)

Mini DiZi is the free version of Kong Audio's ChineeWinds Chinese Flute VSTi. Mini DiZi covers Tenor DiZi, Xiao, and some different expression styles to give you a taste of the various Dizi sounds. Be sure to check out the DiZi tutorial MIDI files (which are designed for ChineeWinds, but also work for Mini DiZi) to get an idea of how a dizi is supposed to be played, just in case you are not familiar with it.

Developer: chineekong.com


DOWNLOAD  17.38 mb


Hi-NRG Zone Retro LE (freeware)

It is designed to allow easy access to those old classic synthesizer sounds that defined the “Hi-NRG” vibe on the dance floor. Like Deep Mono, Deep Step-606, AZR-01, and TZR-01, HZR-01 is simple to program and has all the synth programming parameters on the front panel.

SonicXTC 32 bit plugins have been tested with Ableton, Cakewalk Sonar, Ohm Studio and FL Studio DAWs.

Free VST plugin for Windows.

Developer: vstplugin-sonicxtc.com

DOWNLOAD  1.86 mb


Digireactor  (freeware)

Multi-purpose FM Capable Softsynth.

  • 3 Osc: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Pulse, Noise
  • 2 LFO's (1 -> Filter, 2 -> Custom): Sine, Saw, Ramp, Pulse, S&H
  • 3 Envelopes: Volume, Filter, Pitch
  • Filter: LP, BP, HP, BR
  • Built in effects: Reverb, 2 channel Delay
  • FM mode for metalic sound effects
  • Change octaves for every Osc
  • Trigger gate for rithmic sounds
  • Portamento and stereo panning

Developer: tomorrow-traxx.be


DOWNLOAD  1.47 mb


acid rack  (freeware)

acid rack is a small virtual analog style synthesizer plug-in with 2 VCOs, 2 LFOs, arpeggiator, 3 envelopes and a multi-mode VCF. acidrack works in poly, mono, legato and with a switchable unison mode. It also has a random-generator for plug-in parameters.

Developer: acid.milch&honig


DOWNLOAD  3.07 mb


Milk guitar  (freeware)

Milk Guitar is a light-weight VSTi strummer that can help create realistic strumming patterns. Easy-to-learn pre-defined combinations allow you to play chords, and special keys allow you to strum and tap the guitar.

It has built in effects like reverb, filters, and stereo-widening.

Developer: mildonstudios.com


DOWNLOAD  6.47 mb


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