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IMP-OSC-TOR (freeware)

This is a small and quite simple freeware synth with fairly low CPU-usage designed by NekroBat using Outsim Synth|Maker. Despite its simple design and appearance it is capable of creating many types of sounds, especially bass-sounds (for which it was intended).

By the way, The name has nothing to do with any other synth with IMP-OSC in its name, it is only a name I chose for this one (I somehow just like the word "Osc" being fused into my synths names).


2 Oscillators with individual detuners. The Oscillators sports 5 waveforms (Saw,Saw-Square,Square,Square-Ramp,Ramp). Osc 1 can modulate Osc 2 in various ways (Phaze, Freq, Ring and Amplitude modulation). It can also perform Filter-Fm. Osc 2 can be synced to Osc 1. Both Oscillators have Phaze- and Pwm-knobs for such modulation (which can also be modulated with the LFO:s)

1 Multi-mode Filter with lots of Filter-types. The Filters Cut-off can be modulated by the  dedicated ADSR-envelope, the mod-wheel, the LFO:s or Osc 1.

2 ADSR-envelopes. One controlling the Filter-cutoff and the other the synths Amplitude.

2 Multi-mode LFO:s. They have each 5 waveforms (Sine,Saw,Triangle,Square and Ramp) and have 2 Speed-selections (slow,Fast) or Step-select.They can be set to be free-running or to restart.The LFO:s are BPM-controlled via the preset-manager* and have many destination possibilities (and also the choice of controlling 2 at the same time if you want).

2 Effects (Delay, Chorus). The Delay has 2 types (Ping-pong, Echo) and the Chorus can be used as a flanger via the Feed-knob.

20 Presets of sounds + 1 Init-patch. In the preset-manager you will find a voice-selector for up to 8-voices of polyphony. If only 1 voice is selected then the Portamento knob will be activated next to the Main-out knob. In the preset-manager you can also alter the BPM and
the pitch-bend amount by retyping in a new value. Of course you can also find a file-selector
which is used to Load or Save your own presets (the preset-name can also be retyped by clicking
the current name). * (Please note this: When you change the BPM it is a good thing to tweak the LFO:s speed-knobs and then tweak it back to your chosen speed for the change to take effect.)

Also note that the synth can be played using the QWERTY-keyboard.

Developer: www.myspace.com/nekrodisko


DOWNLOAD  2.93 mb


Freemoog  (freeware)

Freemoog is a VA type synth based on the Minimoog synthesizer.
Developer: Cyclick

DOWNLOAD  2.93 mb


Rock Hardbuns' bundle - Synths  (freeware)

Download file include:

Very basic PAD synth. The 64 partials have been grouped into 8 bands... This one will be remade into a real PAD synth soon.

Drum synth. Try the presets.

FM synth which is preconfigured to encourage typical FM bass sounds.

FM synth which is preconfigured to encourage e-piano sounds. Has chorus.

5 op FM synth with configurable routing as opposed to fixed algorithms. Try the included bank.

As I currently lack a reliable email addy, just look me up on KvR and send a PM

DOWNLOAD  728 kb


Triangle I (freeware)

The legendary Triangle I Monophonic Synthesizer, one of the most spread instruments around the virtual world.Oriented to performance playing, features one of the best legato implementations of all synthesizers of any time. A must-have for all virtual instrument lovers.



DOWNLOAD  2.10 mb


Revitar 2  (free, open source)

Revitar 2.0 is now free! Revitar 2.0 is a VST plug-in for high-quality guitar synthesis. A wide variety of guitars can be simulated using a unique physical based modeling technique.  The modeler consists of three main components: pick, string and body.  The pick model allows the shape and stiffness of the pick to be adjusted.  The string model simulates 120 points along each of 6 strings.  The body model consists of 20 separately tuned resonators based on the modes of real guitars.  This entire model is recreated without the use of samples, so no two notes ever sound the same.

Features include:

- Unique string and body simulation

- Adjustable pick shape

- 48 programmable chords, using absolute and relative positions

- Different playing styles - slides, hammer on / pull offs, chords, single string

- 6 guitar body types to choose from

 - Fully programmable MIDI control of all knobs and sliders

- Intuitive user interface

Source code is also available here.

Developer: CutterMusic


DOWNLOAD  2.30 mb



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