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Organ (37)


Superarminicon  (freeware)

Church organ with 28 oscillators. Instrument that can emulate the classical 432hz harmonics.

It has 4 panels with 7 oscillators set to emulate the harmonic scale. so each panel has the following notes:

C-1 C0 G0 C1 E1 G1 A#1… then goes up.

You can choose from 440hz or 432hz accord, 4 reverbs, delay control LR for each of 28 oscillators, harmonic cortrol for all the 4 panels.


Visit: lorisedp.altervista.org

DOWNLOAD  7.57 mb


Euthymia Electronic Organ v2 (freeware)

Euthymia Electronic Organ is a Hammond Clone Simulation offering Clean Sine Drawbars for 2 Manuals and Bass Pedals, 2 Percussion Oscs with the 9 "Standard" Harmonics, a Key Click Imitation, Vibrato/Chorus and Overdrive.

General Features:

- 147 Notes Polyphony.
- 9 Steps Drawbars.
- 9 "Standard" Drawbars for the Upper Manual, 9 for the Lower and 4 for the Pedal (16', 5 1/3', 8', 4') with a Clean Sine Sound.
- 2 Percussion Oscs with the 9 "Standard" Harmonics. Adjustable Decay and Level. A Knob switches Off/On.

Windows 32 bit.

Visit: Iliadis (no longer available)

DOWNLOAD  2.04 mb


VL-122  (freeware)

VL-122 virtually reproduces the vintage electro-mechanic spinet organ Hammond L-122.

The sound engine of the VL-122 is a physical modelling emulation of the real electro-mechanic generators (tone-wheels), drawbars, filters and effects (vibrato and reverb) that compose the original instrument. Moreover, some new effects have been added to recreate the complete set of timbres that characterize all the Hammond spinet organ sounds, from classic and church to rock and progressive. But why a new virtual Hammond organ emulation, when lots of them can be found for either commercial or free?

Visit: prosolovst.com


DOWNLOAD  545 kb


iVF Combo Organ (freeware)

The iVF Combo Organ is a Two Manual Transistor Organ Simulation for Windows Compatible VST Hosts, inspired by famous Transistor Organ models, with special characteristics and the feeling of a Retro Sound close to the sound of favourite models of the past.

Windows 32 bit.

Visit: Iliadis (no longer available)

DOWNLOAD  1.88 mb


Quilcom Rank (freeware)

A synth made specifically for the simulation of pipe organs.

Windows 32 bit.

Visit: flowstoners.com

DOWNLOAD  9.53 mb


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Oddly organ








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