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Guitar effects (61) - Distortion, Amp simulator, Wah Wah, Noise gate


Knuckle Head (freeware)

Knuckle Head is "a bad boy bruiser with a sweet and soft side that it's not afraid to show". It is capable of tones that range from sweet, glistening cleans to SRV and Yardbirds style smokin' hot crunch right through to punishing high gain destruction, according to AcmeBarGig.

The file includes Windows version.

Developer: AcmeBarGig

DOWNLOAD  1.68 mb


Cadillac VST (freeware)

CADILLAC VST is a free vst and standalone software… I’ve been thinkin’ a lot of time for a software that can really emulates the guitar sounds of the 60s and 70s, i don’t like big and heavy software so i made this tiny program that have a really small latency… perfect for vintage songs.. it does only this.. no heavy distorsion or metal sounds…

The file includes Windows version.

Developer: lorisedp.altervista.org/blog


DOWNLOAD  6.25 mb


Ear Wring (freeware)

Ear Wring is a ring modulator controlled by three phase distortion oscillators and one LFO. Depending on the pitch, this can go from a gently oscillating tremelos to fuzzy, synth-like freak-outs. An optional harsh fuzz can be added to the signal before modulation. Mixed with the dry input signal and fed into an amp simulator, Ear Wring can add some meat to your guitar tone.

The file includes Windows version.

DOWNLOAD  1.12 mb


Dick Head (freeware)

Dick Head is at its best in the higher gain territory where it's "a powerhouse of ballsy high-gain tone". This amp is versatile: "it'll take you on a tonal journey through crazy high gain territories and Texas Bluesville before you arrive at your Jazz City destination".

The file includes Windows version.

Developer: AcmeBarGig

DOWNLOAD  2.52 mb


Meat Head (freeware)

Meat Head is in-keeping with the philosophy of AcmeBarGig's Classic Hybrid amps - inspired by the amplifier power-houses that defined the tones of Classic Rock and Heavy Metal from the '60s to now.

The file includes Windows version.

Developer: AcmeBarGig

DOWNLOAD  1.68 mb


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