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Filters (44)


NCL Phase EQ (freeware)

Phase EQ is a high quality 6 band EQ that allows simultaneous Left/Right and Mid/Side Processing.

Features at a glance:

- Windows VST
- 6 Band EQ
- 64 bit internal precision
- Optional oversampling
- Simultaneous Left/Right and Mid/Side processing
- Optimized CPU usage

Developer: lindsay

DOWNLOAD  1.70 mb


Aqualizer (free, open source)

Aqualizer is a 32-bands parametric equalizer with the possibility to turn on or off any amount of bands up to 32. It allows the peaking frequency to be entered at will and the band width can be adjusted by turning a knob. Each band has a range of -12dB to +12dB, as has the gain slider.

Developer: RJProjects

DOWNLOAD  1.47 mb


HUE2 (freeware)

HUE2, a light edition of Back Stage EQ One, allows you to adjust certain characteristics of the sound, making it easy for you to shape it according to taste. It has six individual controls for adjusting depth, warmth, body, clarity, sheen (brilliance), and air (brightness).

Developer: mildonstudios.com (no longer exist)

DOWNLOAD  900 kb


SMEQ (freeware)

SMEQ (Sequenced Morphing EQualizer) is a stereo, four-part, Parametric Equalizer, with two States that can be morphed by a beat aligned Envelope syncing to Song Position.

Developer: Eska (no longer exist)

DOWNLOAD  1.06 mb


NorthPole v1.0 (freeware)

NorthPole is a resonant filter with distortion and delay.

Windows version.

Developer: prosoniq

DOWNLOAD  191 kb



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