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Dynamic (43) - Compressor, Limiter, Mastering, Exciter, Noise reduction


Invisible Limiter (freeware)

Invisible Limiter’s limiting algorithm minimizes the audible difference between original and limited materials throughout its processing.

Invisible Limiter is useful if clean limiting or transparent volume maximizing are required.


Developer: aom-factory.jp

DOWNLOAD  1.67 mb


VeeComps Bundle (freeware)

The Vee Comp Compressor bundle is a set of three compressors, each working in one of those modes:

- stereo
- dual mono
- mid/side

They are inspired by classic analogue studio gear as well as some premium digital compressors (but they do not try to mimic any other existing plugin). They are designed to add certain "character" and mildly sculpt the dynamics of your tracks in a highly musical fashion. They are not made for ultrafast, hyper-precise limiting but rather pay homage to older analogue designs which "rode" volumes for smoother, less conspicuous results.

It's free and is available for Windows (32 bit) as a VST effect plug-in.

Donate to developer Viper ITB

DOWNLOAD  10.85 mb


Vintager Toy (freeware)

What is Vintager Toy? VINTAGER Toy is a vintage sound effect. As its name suggests, it is a "toy" that modifies the sound to make it old and/or vintage. Their processes are trying to recreate the characteristics of the sound that is heard in the sound systems of the past. You can use it as:

- "aging" mastering effect for a mix
- single track effect to give warmth vintage to an instrument

What IS NOT Vintager Toy? It is not a strict simulator of tape, vinyl, tubes. It can make you remember these devices, but it contains no physical models of these devices. Vintager Toy contains mathematical calculations, but was essentially developed in an intuitive way. The author was based on their small knowledge, he listened devices and recordings from different eras and vintage synthesizers and used his own conception of vintage sound. Therefore, you must use it taking into account that clarifications. Vintager Toy is not a professional tool, although it can be used professionally if the user finds it useful.

It's free and is available for Windows as a VST effect plug-in.

Developer: Solcito Música

DOWNLOAD  2.97 mb


EezySqueeze 2 (freeware)

EezySqueeze 2, a compressor unit that can be added to independent tracks or your master track.

It's free and is available for Windows as a VST effect plug-in.

Developer: minimalsystem.com

DOWNLOAD  3.20 mb


Dark Mass (freeware)

Dark Mass is an audio enhancement plug-in that makes everything fatter, be it full mixes, drums, trance kicks, bass or solo guitars.

Developer: Theodor Krueger

DOWNLOAD  1.96 mb

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