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eTAP2 Engineer(free)

eTAP2 Engineer a free Vintage Tape/Disc Echo Emulator.

The VST module we present is a result of about 6 years experience in analyzing, developing and creating patches for various echo gear.  From an engineering point of view, the objective was to emphasis on the already available vintage measurement libraries and applying the do- act-improve cycle to the design at hand as to maximum the possible performance possible.

The final approach taken is a dual approach. In many cases the guitar player is not interested in fine- tuning an echo device but would just like to select a recommended setting and play along with it. For this type of player the preset manager is loaded with a extensive set of pre-programmed patches ready to be used. In other cases where the guitar player requires matching the exact echo with the echo that was used to record the track from his/her favorite artist.

The eTAP Engineer VST module is the assigned module that fits this requirement as it allows customizing the various filter and timing characteristics in minute details.

The emphasis for eTAP is geared towards the vintage echo's used by H.B. Marvin during the 1960- 1965 era. We believe  "from the man himself" that the early recording are made without the Meazzi gear but with some sound- engineering tricks.

The eTAP VST modules are licensed under the Creative Commons "Attribution-ShareAlike" license.

Developer: Piet Verbruggen & Jacob Heije

DOWNLOAD  1.12 mb


Elottronix XL v1.4 (freeware)

Emulation of Robert Fripp's tape delay effect "Frippertronics": two Revox B-77 in continuous loop. This XL version supposes a complete rewrite of the old Elottronix, and adds a ton of new possibilities:

- Two independent routable delay lines, with a maximum delay time of 80 seconds. Tempo can be synced to host BPM

- LFO controlled Pan per delay line, with definable Bar Divisions, Pitch and Waveform

- Two global Pan modes: normal and inverted

Developer: uv.es/ruizcan

DOWNLOAD  1.72 mb


Flux Interruptor (freeware)

Flux Interruptor is a glitchy modulated delay with a built in LP filter.


- Delay Time: Set the delay time division based on your host’s tempo
- Tweak: Variation of ‘interrupt’ modulation
- Interupt Amount of ‘interrupt’ modulation sent to delay
- Feedback: Amount of delay repeats
- LFO Period: LFO time period based on your host’s tempo
- LFO Depth: Amount of LFO sent modulate delay and filter
- Filter Mod: Amount of interrupt/LFO modulation sent to filter cutoff
- Cutoff: Lowpass filter cutoff frequency
- Q: Lowpass filter resonance amount
- Mix: Wet/Dry effect blend
- Volume: Overall level of plugin’s output

Flux Interruptor comes with 16 presets to get you started.

Developer: liquidclear.net

DOWNLOAD  933 kb


Delay Studio (freeware)

Delay Studio from Minimal System Instruments is a powerful and massively creative multiband delay plugin which gives you all of the tools needed to create your perfect delay/echo effect. From weird and wonderful long modulated delays to workhorse multi-taps and analogue inspired echoes the Delay Studio will turn any flat, uninspiring sound into a beautiful sonic masterpiece.

Developer: minimalsystem.com

DOWNLOAD  6.00 mb


scuzzphut6 v2.0  (freeware)

Scuzzphut6 - free VST effect plugin featuring a flexible trance-gate and two delay lines, each with it’s own filter and LFO.

Scuzzphut6 v2.0 features

- Trance-gate
- Click-n-drag activation of the gate steps.
- Step ties to link steps.
- Attack/decay and shuffle controls.
- Delay lines
- Tempo synchronization.
- HP/LP filter.
- LFO routable to both pan and filter cutoff.
- A mixer section rounds things off and remember – you can switch off the gate and just use scuzzphut6 as a spacey delayifier!

Developer: Scuzzphut

DOWNLOAD  1.19 mb


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