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Rapid development of IT industry and Internet, results in great changes in the world of music. Consequently, everyone who owns a PC and at least a bit of talent for music can make music. Steinberg, with his VST technology, made a real revolution in the field of music. Today, on Internet, there are many quality VST plug ins, both expensive and free ones (that are also high quality). On this site, you can find a lot of legal free VST plugins, audio recording software, music loops, free sounds. Submit your free stuff Information. Contact: vstplanet@yahoo.com


Virtual Studio Technology and its acronym VST refer to an interface standard for connecting audio synthesizer and effect plugins to audio editors and hard-disk recording systems. VST and similar technologies allow the replacement of traditional recording studio hardware with software counterparts. VST plug-ins are software modules that can take the form of real-time instruments or effects. Thousands of plugins exist, making VST the most widespread audio plugin architecture.





- NEWS -


NUSofting releases Sinnah v1.2.1 free plugin synth  13th June 2021

NUSofting has released Sinnah synth plugin v1.2.1, free plugin synth for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

Sinnah is a freeware VA synth plugin (*and a project) but instead of the standard subtractive resonant filter it uses a resonant delay network.

Sinnah was updated to v1.2.1, here's what's new:

- ODDSOUND MTS-ESP supported microtuning to load 'scala' and .tun.
- files.
- Compatibility update for macOS Big Sur and Windows 10 latest.
- Reached 225 factory presets.
- GUI adjustments.

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Fuse Audio Labs releases free VREV-666 Spring Reverb  13th June 2021

Fuse Audio Labs has announced the release of the free VREV-666 Spring Reverb.

The VREV-666 is a very rare spring reverb from the 1960s that was first designed to alter the apparent acoustic properties of listening environments. Originally built for the BBC, this compact studio legend oozes the typical rich, bouncy, and unpredictable vibe of a true electromechanical reverb in a very authentic way

Our entire line of products is fully compatible with the VST2, VST3, AAX and AudioUnits plugin formats and runs on Mac OS and Windows.

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Audio Plugin Deals releases Bassaker 808 VST/AU plugin free for a limited time  13th June 2021

Audio Plugin Deals has announced a limited time promotion on the Bassaker 808 virtual instrument from Beat, offering the plugin as a free download for the next two weeks.

The name says it all, this instrument gives a collection of 155 of the deepest and darkest subs, kicks and 808 single shots with Cojones!

All sounds can be played chromatically, so besides typical Glides-808s for Trap you can also play melodic hooklines. Suitable for Trap, Dubstep, Lo-Fi, Garage, Grime, Future House, Bass Music, Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass and all styles that need big and filthy bottoms.

Bassaker 808 is available for Windows and Mac in VST and AU plugin formats (64-bit). The plugin is free to download through June 24th, 2021.

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SNFK Music releases Unifilter free filter distortion plugin   13th June 2021

SNFK Music has released Unifilter, free filter distortion VST3 plugin for Windows.

Unifilter is an acid-like filter that creates upwards harmonics. It features an intuitive UI and three useful parameters to shape your sound.

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Cymatics releases Space Lite free reverb effect plugin      07th June 2021

Cymatics is offering a free version of its upcoming reverb effect plugin featuring powerful reverb modes and some unique features to completely customize your reverb.

With the modulation FX in Space, you can completely transform your reverb’s sound. Included FX modes are Pitch, Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser Rather than adding the FX to the entire sound, it only affects the reverb signal. For example, you can make the reverb have a psychedelic effect by adding a phaser or flanger.

Combining these powerful FX with the built in distortion, EQ, and filter, there’s limitless possibilities of how you can transform your reverb.

Space Lite is available to download as a 64-bit plugin for Windows and Mac in VST/VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

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FKFX releases Obvious Filter free morphing filter sequencer plugin 04th June 2021

FKFX has released Obvious Filter, free morphing filter sequencer for Windows and Mac (VST3/AU).

Obvious Filter is the first audio plugin from FKFX, it turns any input sound to rhythmical sequence, using a morphing filter sequencer, with numerous modulations options.

The 10 resonant filters emulate well-known analog circuits, with unprecedented response quality and depth. 

Please watch our quick video for a precise tour of Obvious Filter features.

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Fanan Team releases Yumbu 2 free drum machine plugin   02nd June 2021

Fanan Team has released Yumbu 2, free drum machine plugin for Windows (VST/VST3).

Yumbu 2 (successor of Yumbu) is slot driven drum sampler. it brings up lightning speed drum-kits loading and fast one stage control, fitted for live usage. Now, with better control, both mp3 and WAV. format support, faster workflow and only 0.5 sec. loading times for new core kit, Yumbu 2 is one of the quickest drum samplers in the market.

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