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News - January 2007


Download Internet radio tracks with Free Music Zilla        05th January 2007

via TechCrunch

There's no shortage of applications that let you save audio streams from internet services ranging from Shoutcast to Pandora. And well, Free Music Zilla is another one of those applications.

What sets Free Music Zilla apart from some of the competitors in this space is that it's 100% free, and incredibly easy to use. Just install the application and it will hang out in your system tray. When you visit a site with streaming audio like Pandora, Last.fm, IMEEM, MySpace, eSnips, or several others, Free Music Zilla will give you the option of saving each song.

While the program officially works with all the web services mentioned above plus a few more, we've found that it also does a pretty good job of catching songs from unsupported web sites like the recently launched MeeMix.

The only thing that would make Free Music Zilla better would be automatic file naming. Right now, any track you download will have a string of numbers for a name, so you'll have to tag and name files on your own. Of course, we don't have to tell you that in many situations, using programs like this to download streaming audio may be illegal. But we can also think of plenty of instances when you might want to use a program like Free Music Zilla to download public domain music or songs licensed under Creative Commons.


Visit: www.freemusiczilla.com




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