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News - January 2008





Fuzzpilz updates Oatmeal to v.37-6c                  29th January 2008

Fuzzpilz has released version 37-6c of Oatmeal, a freeware virtual analog synth plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in v37-6c

  • presets saved with 2 filter types in parallel mode did not load correctly (the second filter would always show Clone).
  • Fixed a bug involving all-notes-off messages that was causing some trouble for Sonar users.
  • Filter changes. You can now use the two filters in series as well as in parallel, and you can set the second filter’s type separately.

Note: The default filter behaviour is for the second filter to use the same type as the first filter, so old patches will work just the same without adjustment. Old skins, unfortunately, will be missing the third switch state for the filter doubling switch (it’ll work, but they’ll just display the “on” frame for both parallel and serial modes), and of course won’t have the second filter type switch at all.

Fuzzpilz writes:

No idea if the Sonar all-notes-off problem persists, as I was never able to reproduce it in the first place. I’d appreciate it if people got in touch (again), especially if it happens on other hosts also.

So be sure to contact Fuzzpilz if you’re experience all-notes-off problems (email address is the first link on his website).


Download oatmeal v38-1 here! 710 kb


Visit: Fuzzpilz




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