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News - January 2008


Audjoo updates Helix beta                               16th January 2008

Audjoo has released a new beta (v2008-01-13b) of Helix, the freeware VST synth for Windows PC.

Changes in 2008-01-13b

  • Fixed bug when closing GUI (tested in Cubase LE, Cubase SX, Reaper, Cantabile Lite, and EnergyXT).
  • Step sequencer can use host-tempo
  • LFO can use host-tempo and sync phase to host
  • LFO have a bunch of useful shapes
  • Visualize start phase(s) of oscillator
  • Global limiter is now stereo separated
  • New filter added (stereo separated limiter)
  • Support rational numbers (x/y) in text entry.
  • GUI speed improvements (some under the hood changes to the GUI).
  • Fixed saving midi-learned cc properly.
  • Fixed automation from GUI.

Here’s what Audjoo has to say about it:

The state of this synthesizer is beta. This does not mean it will crash or cause any trouble, but rather that the sound might change slightly (hopefully for the better) during development. It also means that I’m listening to your ideas and suggestions. Please do try it out. If you experience bugs or have some awesome ideas, let the world (and me) know what you think on the kvraudio.com’s forum

Super Sound

Thanks to the “super”-nature of its oscillators, Helix is capable of huge and wide unison pads and leads. Great care has been taken to ensure no aliasing in the oscillators, so the sound is free from many artifacts traditionally associated with software synthesizers. This becomes very clear when playing high notes.

Modulation Mayhem

Forty two modulation slots. Each with one source, two destinations and a scale-source. For instance: One LFO can modulate the pitch of two oscillators, and the amount can be scaled by the modulation wheel. This would take up one slot.

Stereo by Design

All parts of Helix are stereo in - stereo out. Oscillators, filters, shapers and effects. This helps keeping the signal huge.

Distortion Delight

Three stages of distortion can turn any sound into a nightmare of screaming machinery

Road Tested

Helix is implemented as a VST plugin. This provides the highest degree of flexibility, since this plug-in format is supported by all leading DAWs. For DAWs without VST support there are wrappers available.

Known to work in the following hosts: Cubase LE, Cubase SX, Minihost, EnergyXT , Sonar, VstHost, Orion, Live, FL Studio, Cantabile

Officially only supports windows, but a (slightly dated) linux port is available.

Visit: Helix





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