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News - February 2014

SynthFont2 Public Beta updated to v2.0.0.7                    11th February 2014

The second generation of SynthFont is here.

New features:

  • The "Plug & Play" page has a "splitter" bar above the tracks list which you can drag up to increase the size of the list to see more tracks. Click the splitter bar to toggle maximum/minimum display.

Bug fixes:

  • The "Open MIDI or Arrangement" menu did not always list the files in the expected order.

  • An exception might occur if the configuration file "SynthFont.ini" was open in a text editor that prevented access to the file.

  • Running SynthFont2 without a MIDI file (in MIDI Port input mode) would cause Synthfont2 not to read some default configuration settings.

  • Layer tracks would not always have the correct value for VOL displayed in the tracks list.

  • The editor for VST effects and instruments might initially display the wrong program and not the one stored in the Arrangement.

  • Version could be very slow to start up.

  • When assigning a SoundFonts to a tracks with bank > 0 (the default) and the desired bank/preset combination was not found, you would be asked to assign a Preset from the default bank, but not told the reason.

  • Handling of overlapping notes has been slightly changed and some bugs fixed.

  • Playing in loop mode and having chosen "Continue to the end after loop" would not make the playback cursor in the Pianoroll to continue to the end.

  • Moving notes up/down (=transpose) in Pianoroll used to move also percussion notes, which probably was not a good idea.

  • Moving notes towards the beginning of the tune (e.g. to remove the initial bars) using "Change time (position) of events" in Pianoroll/Edit track would position notes that would be moved to a negative time at time 0 instead – these notes are now deleted.

  • Some MIDI files were not correctly read.

  • SynthFont2 would not let you save a MIDI files in Mode 0 (one single track for all channels) using the "Save As..." function.

SynthFont is a free/donationware tool for playing/rendering MIDI files using SoundFonts and other similar sound sources (WAV, DLS, GIGA and also VST Instruments).


Visit: synthfont.com




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