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News - February 2014

SonicXTC releases Ring Mod 101 free                                03rd February 2014

SonicXTC has released Ring Modulator 101, free VST plugin effect for Windows.

The RM 101 is a re-creation of a classic effects chain using a vintage ring modulator. However, unless you are handy with a soldering iron, have access to an old transistor ring modulator, an old dual channel tube amp, an old tube echo unit, a 2-pole ladder filter, and an old chorus/flanger pedal, you will not have much luck capturing the tone of the RM 101.


At its core a ring modulator multiplies one signal with another. When these signals collide there is an explosion of harmonics. Some are musically useful and others are not. The trick is to find a way to harness the power of ring modulation the way that old analog Buchla* and Oberheim* synthesizers do. Just like a real old analog beast we added some real world quirks to this plug-in. For example: sometimes the gauge works and sometimes it doesn't; it has some nicks on its face from being dropped; its filter is sometimes unstable, etc. Hopefully, these imperfections will result in happy musical accidents just like the real world.


32 user presets
Midi automation
Ring Modulation
2-pole 24db Moog filter
Dual channel tube amp drive emulation
Ensemble chorus/flanger effect
Vintage spring echo effec


Visit: vstplugin-sonicxtc.com/freebies




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